Finally, a travel pillow thatworks!



FaceCradle was invented by David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu.

David is a highly awarded product designer, product marketer and entrepreneur, with over 30 patents to his name and the founder of one of Australia’s most popular power tool brands, Ozito.

Roz has extensive experience in advertising and has worked for leading global brands and talent for many years as Head of Production for one of Australia’s largest independent creative agencies.

  • Dozing Mode

    This standard mode does what all "U" shaped neck pillows do. Great for getting comfortable on a short trip. 

    1 - Dozing Mode
  • Snoozing Mode

    Here, FaceCradle starts to show its clever design and superiority to any other travel pillow. Supports your head higher up, taking pressure off your neck. 

    2 - Snoozing Mode
  • Table Nap Mode

    Lock the pillows on an angle to each other enabling you to nod off quickly on any table or flat stable surface. On the tray table of a plane, at a students desk or even at work during a break!

    3 - Table Nap Mode
  • Deep Sleep Mode

    FaceCradle's Deep Sleep Mode is used typically when the lights are out with an eye mask on and you are settling in for the long haul!

    Attaching your harness to the winged headrest, lean forward in your seat, it's like propping your head with your hands, with the feeling of laying in a massage table. This position really works!!

    4 - Deep Sleep Mode
  • Deep Sleep Mode (Side)

    Place the pillows on a slight angle and you turn your head comfortably. The strap can be easily adjusted forward, back or to either side. The comfort positions available are virtually limitless.

    5 - Deep Sleep Mode (Side)
  • Breathe Easy

    When in the Table Nap and Deep Sleep Modes, FaceCradle Travel Pillow allows you to rest like you are on a massage table with your nose and mouth free to breathe! 

    Breathe Easy

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