About Us

FaceCradle was invented by David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu.

David is a highly awarded product designer, product marketer and entrepreneur, with over 30 patents to his name and the founder of one of Australia’s most popular power tool brands, Ozito.

Roz has extensive experience in advertising and has worked for leading global brands and talent for many years as Head of Production for one of Australia’s largest independent creative agencies.

How FaceCradle Was Conceived

After getting up at 4am, with little sleep the night before, David and Roz embarked on an economy class flight from Melbourne (Australia) to Wellington (New Zealand). They had a wonderful day ahead but they tossed and turned in the plane trying to get some sleep so they could feel good on their adventure.

Roz was leaning forward propping her head in her hands and mentioned she would love it if something could hold her head. David's background in product development taught him that when somethings new, often people take some time to trust if it works. He looked across and saw a person tossing and turning with a trusty old U shaped neck pillow and said, "those things don't work very well" and thought....what if we improved it? FaceCradle had a hearbeat!

Hairy Turtle Pty LTD

David, a seasoned entrepreneur, likes to move fast but he also thinks very carefully about product design, often modifying and changing until the design is absolutely perfect! Roz has held a corporate role and has built her career step by step with a steady approach in a dynamic world. The Turtle and the Hare describes them but both have characteristics of each animal and they thought a "hairy" turtle would be quite unique, just like them!