FaceCradle® Wanderlust (Latest Model)

  • Deep Sleep Mode

    Deep Sleep - lite
  • Deep Sleep (Side) Mode

    Deep Sleep Side Lite in Car - lite
  • Dozing Mode

    Dozing Lite
  • Snoozing Mode

    Jess Snoozing Mode - lite
  • Table Nap Mode

    Table Nap Lite

Regular Price: $54.95

Special Price $39.95

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Why FaceCradle®? – Before you couldn't sleep in transit, now you can!

How does it work?

1.  Multiple adjustable comfort positions. Leaning forward, to the side or laying back. Many more options than any other product.

2.  Support.  As you doze off you fall into FaceCradle® and are held there. Others you either fall off the pillow, you slouch into an uncomfortable position or the pillow falls off you. This interrupts your sleep causing you to wake over and over again. FaceCradle® fixes this problem.

3.  Designed by the winner of multiple international design awards, FaceCradle® takes economy class to a whole new level.

Upgrade to Sleeping Class with FaceCradle®, the best option for sleep in transit, other than a flatbed.
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Regular Price: $54.95

Special Price $39.95


More detail on why FaceCradle® really works.

FaceCradle's latest model is optimized for size and comfort for any traveller.

Don't make the mistake of comparing this product to a travel pillow.  Why?  Three factors -

1.  Multiple adjustable comfort positions.  Part of the normal sleep ritual is to toss and turn a few times before you find your sleeping sweet spot.  The more easlity adjustable comfort postions, the more chance you have of sleeping.

2.  Support.  When you doze off in your bed, you are held where you lay.  The same applies to FaceCradle®.  Its two internally reinforced memory foam pillows lock and provide this support.  By attaching the safety harness and anchoring it to the winged headrest, this provides additional support in the Deep Sleep modes.

3.  Design.  FaceCradle's internationally awarded inventor, David Scrimshaw, has studied the complete environment of seated travel.  FaceCradle® is designed for comfort and support but also considers your safety and convenience.  The harness release and attachment clips are designed to open at the right amount of force.  The person in front can recline without you bothering them and you dont need to put your seat back, reducing the chance of your seat being bumped by the person behind.  It quickly folds down to allow the person next to you to exit or when a meal service arrives.

Compare this Product to the Cost of an Upgrade.

Extended leg room ($50+) and Premium Economy ($1,000+), every time you fly, will not not give you the chance to sleep, like a FaceCradle you buy just once.

Frequent fliers who use FaceCradle®, say they would rather travel economy with a FaceCradle than Premium Economy without one.

Sleep in transit so you arrive rested and ready to go, is vital for your resistance to viruses and to avoid accidents.  

Don't settle for a useless neck pillow or single mode latest fad,  go for a quality product that gets you more sleep in transit.

Upgrade to Sleeping Class with FaceCradle.

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