Upgrade To Sleeping Class!

FaceCradle Lite

Lite Model

The FaceCradle Lite is perfect for every traveller from child to adult! 35% lighter and 35% smaller than our Luxe model, it’s suitable for the globetrotters who pack small and keep it simple.

FaceCradle Original

Original Model

Tried, tested and luxurious, the original FaceCradle is a true “Upgrade to Sleeping Class”. Its secret is you fall into it, not off it, so when you fall asleep you don’t wake again.

FaceCradle Original Medium Firmness FINAL SALE

FaceCradle Final Sale

The FaceCradle Original is of medium firmness. Pefect for those who like a firm bed! This product is final sale and still offers the 5 modes of comfort that our updated versions do.

FaceCradle Harness

FaceCradle Replacement Harness

This harness works for both the Original and Lite model. Easily attaches to either unit and can be used as a harness as well as a carry strap.