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Upgrade to Sleeping Class
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many more comfort options



Patented twin pillow system with mulTIpLE COMFORT Positions, internal frames and  detachable strap, means you can set up your FaceCradle to support your head and upper body, in your most comfortable position. 

8 hours sleep on a long trip in economy, is now POSSIBLE.

why it works

  • Your head is comfortably supported on a better angle for sleep.

  • Many more adjustable comfort options.

  • Patented twin pillow system with internal frames, provides sprung support.

  • As you doze off, you fall into the pillow, not off it.

  • Holds your head on, or closer to horizontal - it makes a big difference.

  • 8 Hours sleep on a long haul, is now realistic.

finally! a travel pillow that works.

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get the #1 benefit of business class, in economy.

Upgrade to sleeping class

Let's face it, despite the nice food and servicethe main benefit of business class is the sleep you get with the lay flat seat.  To arrive rested and ready to go, is brilliant. 


 So what if you could book economy and sleep like you are in business?   FaceCradle does this.  It maximizes your ability to sleep.  It compares better to a business class seat than it does to other travel pillows.  Find out how.


Sitting upright makes it difficult to sleep.  Not anymore.   Your seat doesn't recline far enough.  You try to lean forward, holding your head in your hands, or you tilt your head and body to the side, but nothing holds you there.  Until now.

Each night we sleep with our head horizontal in our bed and we toss and turn a few times before we get comfortable.  This is all taken away from us when we try to sleep sitting upright.  If you try to use a normal pillow, as you shift your position, it often falls away.  Neck pillows were invented in the early 1940s to stop this happening.  But the premise of the design for these and most other travel pillows is to give you comfort with your head upright.  But that's NOT how we sleep each night.  There is so much more they need to do.

FaceCradle provides more comfort positions and enables your head and upper body to be supported forward or to the side, in your most comfortable position. You are able to find your sweet spot quickly.  You doze off faster and stay asleep much longer.  FaceCradle has a patented twin pillow system.  Each pillow has internal frames that provide support and act as springs.  These frames are connected to adjustable metal hinges.  FaceCradle can support the heaviest person for hours and hours. 


You get many adustable positions and when you clip in the attachable, adjustable strap and hook it around your armrest or winged headrest, you are using the full brace support of the seat to hold you in your comfortable spot.  You fall into FaceCradle, not off it and it doesn't fall away.  This makes 8 hours sleep on a long haul, very realistic.


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