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Upgrade to sleeping

Finally, a travel pillow that works!

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Upgrade to Sleeping Class

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Patented twin pillow system with mulTIpLE COMFORT Positions, internal frames and  detachable strap, means you can set up your FaceCradle to support your head and upper body, in your most comfortable position. 

8 hours sleep on a long trip in economy, is now POSSIBLE.

why it works


  • 8 Hours Sleep.  Right here!

  • More adjustable comfort options.

  • More support holds your head & upper body in a position that enables better sleep.

  • We don't sleep sitting upright! This gets your head supported on a better angle.

  • As you fall asleep in transit, unsupported, you slump, become uncomfortable and wake.  Over and over again!  It's frustrating.  FaceCradle holds you where you sleep.  You sleep much longer!

finally! a travel pillow that works.

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get the #1 benefit of business class, in economy.

Upgrade to sleeping class

Let's face it, despite the status, nice food and service, the main benefit of business class is the sleep long periods of sleep you get, in a lay-flat seat. 


Now, with FaceCradle, the main benefit of business class, is available in economy!


FaceCradle’s patented twin pillow system, with internal frames provides support to your head and upper body.  It has many adjustable comfort positions enabling you to toss and turn and find your comfort sweet spot.  The safety strap optionally connects to either the headrest or armrest of your seat, to easily hold your body weight. 


Importantly, your head can be held in a position closer to horizontal, the way you sleep each night.  The difference is incredible when compared to any other type of travel pillow.


Stop buying travel pillows designed for you to sleep with your head upright, don’t support your upper body and head, or provide multiple comfort options.


Get yourself a FaceCradle, an Upgrade to Sleeping Class you get every time you travel and buy just once!

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