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Customer Care

Our very first focus is to make sure our customers get many more hours of sleep in transit.

If this happens, they arrive happy, rested and ready to start their holiday, business or life event. 


Having slept in transit means you look and feel great when you arrive.  This results in reduced fatigue, more awareness, less chance of accidents or mistakes and significantly enhances the enjoyment of the journey. It also is better for health and wellbeing and increases immunity against virus's.  


Frequent travellers who use FaceCradle say they would rather fly in economy class with a FaceCradle than pay for extended leg room or premium upgrades without one.  Invented by a prolific frequent flier, we also aim to bring the knowlege gained, to all travellers.

With its lifetime guarantee, we hope FaceCradle will become the first thing you take with you on your future journeys.  We love to hear our customers feedback about the benefits our products bring and we are also pleased to receive input on how we can make our products even better.  


We know our company goal to bring extended hours of sleep in transit, so everyone arrives happy and rested, is an important one.   

We look forward to helping you reach this goal.


Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is very important to us, so we make the commitment to you to use your information purely for the purpose of the transactions you make with our store. 


Please trust us to make the judgement call to contact you again in future, only if we feel we have something you will be interested to know.  Of course we are a commercial enterprise and want to sell our products but we do not want to do this if it means you receive any level of annoyance from it.

We want you to love us for the extra sleep we bring you and assistance we can provide for you on your future journeys.  We have no interest to use your information for any other goal and write this information as something that keeps us focused and has you confident to put your trust in our company.

Wholesale Enquiries

FaceCradle is the next best thing to a flatbed seat in transit.  We know this and want the world to know it too, so we can bring many more hours of sleep to our customers.  We are interested to hear from any established companies who feel they have an opportunity to take our products into airlines, retail, corporate and promotional gifts, consumer shows, military and other channels.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards via Stripe

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