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"FaceCradle is the best option for sleep in transit, other than a flatbed seat"*

"I'd rather fly economy class with a FaceCradle, than premium economy without one, on a long haul."*

* These statements are a compiled summary of many thousands of comments from satisfied customers.  Neck pillows were invented in 1941.  Sure, they have evolved but simply don't come close to FaceCradle and in our view, are a waste of money.  Other later designs like inflateables and neck wraps boast more support than neck pillows but just don't have as many comfort positions. Basic ergonomics and geometry prove FaceCradle is by far superior to any other travel pillow.
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why it works

By providing many more comfort options with support that holds you where you sleep, this means you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep.

Any angle of your head, closer to horizontal means deep sleep is more likely. 


FaceCradle's Deep Sleep mode,  feels like you are being held on a massage table.  The feeling almost instantly gets you to sleep.