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Young Businessman

A.Kiljac (Amazon Customer)

I've tried 5 pillows as I travel a lot as a consultant but this is the best one.  I'm 6ft3 and never comfortable on planes but this allows you to sit your face into the pillow reducing stress on your neck and back. Very comfortable, very adaptable. 

Mary Hallahan

Mary B. Hallahan 

I have never been able to sleep on planes due to nagging neck and back discomfort. I've tried dozens of neck pillows over the years, but none of them support my neck enough for me to sleep...but then I found FaceCradle and it changed everything.

R Del Santo

R. Del Santo

If you spend any amount of time in the air, this is a must-have! It is absolutely amazing. Once I get situated and get over the fact I look weird hooked up to the seat, I can sleep 7 hours straight on long hauls! like a charm.  Highly recommend.

*Persons image or name in some reviews are changed to protect privacy but are otherwise genuine.

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