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Shipping Policy

Your FaceCradle store order will be picked, packed and despatched within 2 working days and shipped by air using only reputable and reliable carriers. You shall receive an email from us with the order tracking information, once your parcel has been packed and is ready to go.


Transit time.

Our standard free shipping from our warehouse in Asia normally takes between 9-21 business days. For our optional priority shipping (available at check out) the service is 3-8 business days.   Add a few days if you live in a remote area, for delays due to local customs clearance, poor weather conditions, health restrictions or other issues outside of our control.  During these Covid times when labour shortages cause flight cancelations plus significantly higher freight demand, please be patient and consider that we are not the freight company.  Like you, we rely on their service and we will do everything we can to communicate with them and keep you updated with your order progress.

Kindly remember our fulfillment centre does not operate on weekends or public holidays and therefore our quoted delivery times are "business" days.

In preparation for the delivery.

Please be sure that someone is at the delivery address you provide during busines hours to avoid your order being returned to sender. 


If your order is late or no movement is shown on the tracking.

If your order is late or the tracking appears to have stalled or the parcel lost, please contact us and we check and ensure the parcel gets to you.  Please note, we are not the freight company and whilst late or missing deliveries are not the norm, they are beyond our control but we will do our best to help you locate your order and get your delivery to you. they are in the minority or deliveries, late or missing ones are beyond our control.   


Kindly note if the parcel is confirmed on the tracking information to have been delivered to the nominated address but the purchaser claims not to have received it, the first step is to check the post box for a collection card and check others at the address to see if they may have received the parcel.  You are also recommended to call your local office of the freight company nominated on your tracking information and provide them with your tracking number for investigation. 


However please note, if the freight company confirms delivery and after the steps described in this paragraph, have not located the product, it is the purchasers responsibility and no replacement or refund will be provided.  If theft is a possibility the purchaser is recommended to contact their local police or insurance company (if insured).

Remember to contact us at any time and we will help you in any case.


For further information please read our Return and Exchange Policy or email us at

Return & Exchange Policy

Logo Liftetime Guarantee

Your FaceCradle product is shipped in perfect condition and is guaranteed for life against manufacturing or design related fault.  It has been stringently designed, developed and tested to endure all the riggers of typical use.  We know the product works better than any travel pillow. That is why we stand behind FaceCradle and have full confidence in its performance. 

To protect the environment, our policy does not support dumping to landfill or use of additional energies to refund, replace or repair  FaceCradle, if the purchaser ordered by mistake, or the product was damaged during use.  


Where the purchaser has deemed the product to be faulty but the fault is unclear,  Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd (HT) reserves the right to request the purchaser to provide photographic evidence of the condition and to make the fault classification at their sole discretion.  The classification shall be made in the following areas with the fault types and action. 


Manufacturing or Design Related Fault.

Product to be returned at HTs cost and discretion.A replacement of equivalent specification shall be sent by the same freight service of the  original purchase at no charge to the purchaser.                                                                                 


Transit Damage                                           

Product to be returned at HTs cost and discretion.  A replacement of equivalent specification shall  be sent by the same freight service of the original purchase at no charge to the purchaser. 

Broken during use.                                     

The product shall not be replaced or refunded however where a grey area exists between a manufacturing or design related fault, HT may at its discretion, decide to replace the product.  In such case it will be after friendly discussion with the purchaser.

Mistake during purchase                             

HT products are generally for personal use where health and sanitary issues are important.  We cannot therefore resell a returned product.  HT also, for the protection of our environment, does not support unnecessary energies required to return and place a product into landfill if the purchaser made a mistake by ordering the   wrong model, changing their mind or misunderstanding what the specification was by not reading the information provided. In these circumstances is better to give the product to a friend or family member or offer it for sale in the local used product market. HT will however, always assist the purchaser to resolve the matter to mutual satisfaction after a friendly discussion.

Late or lost delivery                                     

See our shipping policy above.

Not satisfied with the product                     

Due to our immense experience with FaceCradle, in most cases of dissatisfaction it is because all the adjustable positions and comfort options have not been tried, or the user has not taken enough time to learn how to use the product effectively.  We ask purchasers to first, please give us the opportunity to chat to you about your concerns, so we can help understand eachother.  Comfort and sleep during transit is very important to your health and wellbeing so it is worth the time to have this chat. We do not offer refunds on change of mind.


We stand by the statement that "FaceCradle is your best option for sleep in transit, other than a bed seat."  That is why we provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing or design related fault.  Sometimes the purchaser may be mad about a late delivery or a misunderstanding and rather than dismiss a great product that can provide so much benefit, we think it is in their best interest to have a friendly chat with us to set things straight.

Evidence of Fault, Proof of Purchase, & Refunds.

In all of the above cases, the purchaser is required to provide evidence of what they believe to be the fault or concern.  Where the fault is physical damage to the product, photographic evidence is required to clearly show the fault from more than one angle to enable HT to make a reasonable assessment.  Such assessment shall be at the sole discretion of HT but will not be made unreasonably.

Proof of legitimate purchase is required before any guarantee is provided by HT.  The purchaser must provide a copy of their purchase receipt from an authorized seller of HT products.  The guarantee does not apply to second hand products.

The HT guarantee policy is essentially to replace the product where the fault is caused by something HT have done wrong.  A refund by HT shall not be provided unless unique circumstances prevail and such decision shall be based on its sole discretion, after friendly discussion with the purchaser.  

Local taxes and customs duty.

Unless otherwise indicated at check out, your order does not include local taxes or customs duty which may be charged when your parcel enters your local customs.  For further information about taxes in your country please email us at


We are reasonable people and invite you to contact us for further assistance and support if you feel it necessary.

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