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FaceCradle Original - Price is USD.

  • Viral sensation! This is the model that received over 200 Million views on Facebook when FaceCradle first hit the market. With sales to date of over 200,000, units this model is legendary.

    Features include:-

    • FaceCradles patented twin pillow system.
    • Internally reinforced frames that spring and flex for maximum comfort.
    • Fully adjustable with five plus modes of comfort.
    • Hypoallergenic memory foam.
    • Removable and washable, brushed velour covers with zippers.
    • Detachable harness with safety release.
    • Improved softness, fits any neck comfortably.
    • Larger than Wanderlust model for luxurious comfort.

    FaceCradle is by far superior to any other travel pillow.

    You don't sleep sitting upright each night and that's why getting to sleep in economy is so difficult, until now.  FaceCradle makes 8 hours sleep on a long haul, a reality. 

    As you doze off in economy, you slump into an uncomfortable position and you wake.  Not with FaceCradle.  Its internal frames spring and flex and its attachable safety harness, provide support that holds you in place as you doze off. Your head and body are supported.  Combined with many more adjustable comfort options, this means you get to sleep faster and stay asleep.

    FaceCradle gets amazing reviews from travellers who adjust it correctly, try different positions and appreciate, whilst it is not a bed, it's the best option for sleep in economy.    

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